What if?

What if you could consistently create great compositions that made people take notice?
What if you could de-mystify off camera flash?
What if you could create the images you’ve always dreamed of creating?

And what if you could accomplish this, faster than you ever thought possible?

Well, now you can!


Brandon Cooper, 2016 PFRE Photographer of the Year, and his mentor and business coach, Tony Colangelo are pleased to announce the next Cooper Colangelo Real Estate Photography Workshop, in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 7-8, 2017.

This interactive and highly engaging workshop is aimed at giving you the knowledge and confidence to create great images – in less time. And by connecting these superior images to your brand, you can distinguish yourself in your marketplace and drive your photography business forward.

This workshop will benefit:

  • Relatively new Real Estate photographers wanting to demystify the learning curve.
  • HDR shooters who want to make the move to off-camera flash, once and for all!
  • High-volume photographers wanting to create better images, while maintaining efficiency and profit margins.
  • Experienced shooters wanting to augment their brand with images that will entice high-profile clientele.

What Cooper Colangelo clients have said:

If you’re a wanting to take your real estate or architectural photography business to a new level, then this is the course for you. In attending the workshop, I learned to cut my post production time in half for every single real estate shoot – that is a major deal for me. This course easily paid for itself in less than a month! Now that’s what I call a great investment.
— Allan Hall
The Cooper Colangelo workshop strikes a wonderful balance between high-end interiors photography and real estate photography. With what I learned from Brandon, I will be able to run a more efficient real estate photography business immediately. For the long-term, I will be able to apply Tony’s composition techniques and branding process to attract interior designers, architects and other clients that value a more thoughtful approach to photography.
— Tony Thompson
I was previously using the Enfuse method of processing bracketed photos and wanted to start using off camera flash but was intimidated by the learning curve. I had never used flash prior to the weekend, and after practicing on my own house, was able to go out to my next shoots and confidently put it into practice with success. Cannot say enough about how valuable the takeaways were for myself, and how great Tony and Brandon were at delivering their teaching to a variety of experience levels. Thanks guys!
— Caroline Irvine
My investment in the Cooper/Colangelo workshop is the best money I have spent in I don’t know how long. My images became immediately better after the workshop, which my clients and even my friends noticed. The weekend was a career changer for me!
— Marion Cox
I am so grateful to have found Brandon and Tony! My first call with Brandon, I had been in real estate/interior photography for about 6 months. I had exhausted the internet and had watched every paid and free tutorial out there. I was stuck. My photography was ok, but I didn’t know how to get it to the next level. Brandon and Tony changed my entire approach to real estate photography. It blew my mind. I am extremely excited to continue practicing (with great results) and working with them to further my career!
— Marina Storm




  • Understanding the science behind WHY a great composition is a great composition

  • Using psychology to consistently create highly impactful compositions that will make your clients stop and stare

  • Examining “hidden” contributors to stellar compositions

  • Reviewing multiple strategies to create amazing one-point compositions every time

  • Finding compositions that communicate flow and connect multiple spaces



  • Taking the guess work out of off-camera flash
  • Moving quickly and decisively to examine the variables that will affect/restrict your flash
  • Deciding how many lights to use
  • Working with light modifiers
  • How to move from HDR to off-camera flash (virtually overnight!)


  • Defining brand and understanding why it is so vital to the success of your photography business

  • Identifying the steps in developing a rock-solid brand

  • How to align your photography to your brand

  • Being strategic in creating impactful website galleries



  • Watching Brandon’s editing process in real time
  • Developing a workflow for quickly editing multiple shoots per day and delivering photos to clients on the same day
  • Tricks and techniques for: achieving stellar white balance; colour balance; and quick and easy ways to add ‘pop’ to an image
  • Review of Tony’s editing techniques for high-end interior designers, builders, and cabinet makers.
  • Understanding the power of Nik Software plug-ins


Brandon Cooper has built a thriving, high-volume real estate photography business (shooting over 1,000 homes per year,) in which he’s become the most distinguished photographer in his market. He has done so by delivering interior design quality photos at real estate photography prices. Brandon is known for his fast, effective lighting and quick, efficient frame compositing.

Last month, Brandon was honoured with Photography for Real Estate’s (PFRE) coveted ‘2016 Photographer of the Year’ award. In 2016, he became the first photographer in PFRE’s history to win its monthly photography contest three consecutive times. The last of these three wins, also marked Brandon’s fourth win overall – making him PFRE’s first 4-time winner.

Tony Colangelo is a successful photographer who shoots for the most notable interior designers and builders in his marketplace. His images have been an integral part of many of his clients winning grand prize in industry-wide competitions for construction and renovation excellence. His work has also been featured in numerous magazines and feature articles.

Tony is a long-time contributor to the PFRE community and has won four monthly contests – making him and Brandon the only 4-time Photographer of the Month winners.

Tony is also a highly sought after business coach, who combines a twenty-five year history of coaching/consulting practice, with many years’ experience as a senior business executive. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Education. Tony is an expert facilitator and educator, having delivered countless workshops and seminars to thousands of people across Canada and the US, over the past 25 years.



The workshop will be held at the beautiful Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa. Inspired by the natural beauty of the neighboring mountains, Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa has been a 'AAA Four Diamond Award' winner since opening and was named one of the world's best new hotels by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. All classroom and post-production work will take place in the hotel's executive boardroom, with all transportation to and from the photoshoot locations originating at the Red Rock.

We recognize that there are many great hotel choices in Las Vegas. To maximize your savings, consider bundling your flight and hotel reservation. Here are links to a number of respected travel booking sites:

For those of you who do choose to stay at the Red Rock, the resort has a free shuttle to and from the airport.



Formal photoshoots will be facilitated by Brandon & Tony at a multi-million dollar home situated just minutes from the hotel. They’ll review their approaches for “reading the room,” establishing impactful compositions, and lighting the space quickly and efficiently. Brandon and Tony are very confident that you’ll be able to replicate their techniques at your very next shoots!


The chief focus of the first day’s photoshoot will be on reviewing and discussing the material presented, with Brandon and Tony using their own gear (Nikon and Canon, respectively) to highlight their techniques.

All participants are encouraged to bring their own computer or notepads to make notes during the two days. Bringing your own photography gear is optional but encouraged, as there will be time on day-two for attendees to capture their own images.



Cooper-Colangelo Photography Workshop, in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 7-8, 2017